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Tencel (Top)


100% Lyocell.

Very clean combed top, in “natural” white. Staple length is about 4 inches. Technically this manmade fibre is called lyocell. It’s in the rayon family and made from wood pulp. Tencel® has been embraced by spinners and knitters alike, because it is fantastically soft with a terrific sheen and wonderful drape. Excellent for lighter summerwear as it absorbs moisture well.

Tencel® can be spun alone or blended with other fibres. An intriguing choice for those that can’t wear wool. <

Since this is a plant or cellulose fibre dyers must use fibre reactive dyes. Natural dyers can resort to techniques used on cotton, such as alum-tannin premordanting, or Aluminum acetate. We don’t know how Tencel® responds in an indigo vat.

That being said, when blended with protein fibres, acid dyes will leave the Tencel® alone during dyeing, which makes for some wonderful streaky or heathered effects, depending on how well the fibres are blended.

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