Tablet Weaving Cards


Set of 25 cards.

Simple Weaving with complex results!

One of the simplest and most inexpensive forms of weaving, card or tablet weaving can be used to produce beautiful, colourful woven bands in an almost infinite number of patterns. By tensioning a group of warp threads with one of these cards on each, rotating the stack of cards will raise and lower a set of threads to create a “shed” that a shuttle can be fed through with weft.

These weaving cards are 3-1/2 inches square and are made from a high quality 24-point card stock with a smooth surface to minimize friction and extend their lifetime by reducing wear. The slightly rounded corners are clearly lettered and four different monochrome shades plus a set of band markings help the weaver quickly determine if there are cards out of position in the deck while looking at the cards from the side.

Not sure what card weaving is? Try a search on YouTube to find some of the video demonstrations available.


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