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Sparkle-On Natural Snow


100% trilobal Nylon. We also label this as Sparkling White Icicle.

Extremely clean combed top, and very white but with a wonderful reflective sparkle. Staple length is about 3 to 4 inches, the fibre very fine. Absolutely wonderful for adding some glitter to any spin, and also a favourite of felters. Trilobal nylon is triangular in cross-section, rather than round. These flat surfaces are what cause it to reflect light and appear to sparkle. It is sold under various brand names, including Firestar™.

Though it works nicely in “natural” white, this dyes beautifully with acid dyes. In blends this is carded at around 5 to 20% by weight, and just a little bit does the trick.

Our “Sparkle-On™ Natural Snow” and “Nylon – Sparkling White Icicle” are cross-listed here together. The only difference is the size of the bags offered.


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