Skeiner, Ashford Skeiner 2 Lacquered


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A couple of years ago Ashford came out with their new and improved skein winder, and we love it. Some of the features:
– holds up to 1.5kg (around 3.75 Lbs) of yarn.
– holds or makes skeins from 1 to 2m in diameter (1.09 to 2.19 yards).
– clever tensioning system for making even skeins, easily bypassed if you wish.
– skeiner arm pegs are fully adjustable. You can use the notches provided or slide the arm adjusters in between the notches and tighten to whatever diameter you prefer. Preset notches are at 1, 1.5 and 2m.
– solid construction from silver beech hardwood, with a lacquered finish.
– amooth, effortless winding with quiet nylon bearings.

Assembly required, but it’s pretty simple. Alan says to pay attention to the instructions: when they say the small washer or large washer, they mean it.

November 2018: Ashford also offered this in a natural/unfinished version but that has been discontinued.

Note: ships separately from other items on your order because of the awkward box size.


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