Scottish Blackface (Rustic Roving)


Classification: DUAL-COATED

Thick and chunky Rustic Roving, usually with moderate vegetation.

The colour is creamy-white with a light sprinkling of dark hairs. This is an ancient breed, and a main player in the development of the wool industry in Scotland. The fleece is a combination of long, course outercoat hairs, with a much finer undercoat. This roving has the two carded together and would be best suited for rugged outerwear or non-garment uses.

Micron count on the fine hairs varies from 28 to 38 microns but is difficult to assign in a blend. Wet felting properties are good but the resulting felt will be textured and hairy and certainly best suited for sturdier creations. A good core wool for needle-felting.


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