Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn – Multicolour – 100g


Price is per 100g (3.53 oz) skein. Approximately 30 yards (27m).

Really cool stuff, this ribbon “yarn” is made from roughly 1-inch wide strips of Sari silk fabric that are sewn together end-to-end, in a myriad of colours. We’ve switched suppliers and are very happy with the quality of the new yarns.

A terrific and colourful weft for weavers, this could also integrate into thick hand-spun novelty yarns or be used as-is for knitting bags on huge honkin’ needles or just adding a stripe here and there in fun scarves. The fabric edges will fray and add texture. Felters also seem to love these, because it’s a great way to get a big stash of colours for embellishing.


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