Sari Silk Fibre – Warm Tones


Shredded sari silk fibre, in a myriad of warm colours colours that may include some or all of magenta, yellow, red, orange, copper, plum, gold, wine, pink, orange and possibly a few threads of green, blue or other tones. This is shredded from leftover scraps and mill ends of fabric used to make saris. Our new supply is very clean and for the most part free of unshredded bits and debris. Fibres are in a tangle, essentially, but we try to get a good mix in each bag.

What to do with it? We’ve sometimes cut it into shorter lengths and carded it into spinning/felting batts; the key is to cut the silk to about the same length as the staple of the fibre it’s being blended with. On the drum carder we find it behaves best when layed on the intake tray with the wool fibre on top, which helps to keep the silk off of the licker-in drum.

Felters love to use these fibres for embellishment in wet, Nuno and needle felting projects. Apparently it’s a very cool add-in for paper makers, particularly those doing silk paper. Should also be grand for silk fusion and a myriad of other crafts, and even fly fishermen love this stuff!


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