Rideau Arcott (Rustic Roving)


Classification: MEDIUM WOOL

Thick and chunky rustic roving with a moderate amount of veg. A Canadian breed developed by Agriculture Canada in Ottawa, a complicated crossing of Ile-de-France, Suffolk Cheviot and others. Primarily a meat sheep but deserves more consideration by spinners. Makes a good CORE WOOL for needle felting.

Though technical details are hard to find, what we have is creamy-white in colour, with a nice bounce and loft and a bit of lustre. Staple seems to be in the 2 to 4 inch range and it feels plenty soft for midrange garments. We’re guessing this could be put to many of the same uses as Clun Forest or North Country Cheviot, and it might work great for a warm and cozy pair of socks, spun woolen or semi-woolen style. Wet-Felting properties are not known to us, but we’re guessing it’s pretty good.


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