PRO MX Fibre Reactive Dye Sampler – 6-pack


This class of dyes is specifically for using on plant/cellulose fibres such as cotton, linen, hemp or ramie as well as plant-sourced fibres such as viscose, bamboo (also a viscose) rayon and Tencel. It can also be used on silk, since silk will dye with either these or Acid Dyes.

These dyes strike under alkaline conditions so generally Soda Ash is used and very often rather large quantities of regular salt which helps to even out or level the colours. Regular room temperature conditions or warm outdoor weather are perfect, as the dyes do not need to be heated on the stove or steamed for success. Colours can be mixed in different ways to make an endless rainbow of other shades.

This kit contains:
– 10g each of Yellow, Red, Blue, Leaf Green, Reddish Purple, Black.
– 114g Pro Dye Activator
– 1/2 oz Low-Foam Synthrapol
– Dye instructions

There is enough total dye in this kit to dye approximately 3 Lbs of fibre, yarn or fabric a medium shade.

The dyes are safe and easy-to-use but please refer to the Dye Safety/Handling Information on the Pro Chemical & Dye website.

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