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Nylon – Fake Cashmere (Top)


100% Nylon.

Extremely clean combed top, possibly the whitest fibre we carry. Staple length is about 3 to 4 inches which makes this top-notch for blending with almost anything. Few would spin Nylon all by itself, but it has a great reputation for adding strength and durability to other fibres, especially when spinning yarns for socks. This is a fine grade that you won’t even notice when blended in at a rate of 20 to 25% or so, by weight.

Surprisingly, Nylon dyes beautifully with acid dyes. It also takes natural dyes well using the usual premordant methods for protein fibres. We love the moniker of “Fake Cashmere”, but your fingers will never confuse it from the real thing. It feels more like those puffs they stick inside pill bottles. Maybe it is.

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