Majacraft Flyer – Aura Hybrid


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Feb/2012 – Majacraft has just announced they are making the new Aura wheel flyer available. This strange-looking beast will fit all the wheel models, and uses the wooden jumbo bobbins that most of us have with the plying kit. It does NOT matter if your jumbo bobbins are the new ones with the two holes. That’s important for the Aura wheel but the flyer works perfectly fine with the older version of jumbo bobbins.

In Majacraft’s words: “The flyer is all new and builds on the advances Majacraft has made in the past. It shares the aerodynamic shape of our other flyers for efficient and easy spinning. Most importantly it has a new dual function orifice. Fine yarns can be held still in the delta part of the orifice. This also has the function of holding coil yarns very still so you can observe your work. You can bypass the delta and use the large halo ring for spinning huge.”

If you splurge and get this flyer, you’re going to need a couple of jumbo bobbins if you plan to ply.

NOTE: LITTLE GEM WHEELS require the special Little Gem Mini Tension Knob with any of Majacraft’s wide flyers, including the Aura, Plying or Wild flyers. That’s because the standard tension knob sticks out too far and gets in the way of the wider flyer arms. It’s listed here below the various flyers and flyer kits. We usually keep it in stock.

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