Majacraft Bobbin, Wood – Lace


Canadian shipping only. Majacraft’s new wooden Lace Bobbin is made using laser-cut bamboo ply with 3d printed rings and fibreglass tubes. The new design minimizes the sound made by the tension string in the bobbin groove and allows you to see your yarn as you spin, through the cutout ends. All the new Majacraft bobbins will now work on the Aura wheel. Launched in late 2020.

In Majacraft’s words:
“The Lace Bobbins have been created to spin very fine lace weight yarns. The special thin wall fibreglass cores make for very light bobbins and will allow you to have extra sensitive brake adjustment. This is essential for lace spinning. By combining this bobbin with our lace flyers you will be able to spin at very high speeds with ease. These bobbins have a “fat” core to reduce the “yarn-to-bobbin angle” and hence the tension on the yarn as you spin (to prevent unnecessary breakage of fine yarns).”


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