Lendrum Saxony Spinning Wheel – Walnut – Pre-Order Only


October/21 — current lead time to make these is around 5 months. Please be prepared to wait.

Gord Lendrum recently announced (March 2020) that he is doing a LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN on his Saxony wheels! They have not been in production for several years and have a serous following. These are not something we have in stock, the quantity in our cart is simply there so we are able to accept orders.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING within Canada by Canada Post Expedited! Canadian orders only.

Lendrum’s Saxony Wheel is customized to your specifications. It is a double-treadle wheel in the traditional style. We don’t have a photo but a quick Google search will turn up several images for you to view. This wheel features a large 28-inch diameter drive wheel.

What you need to select:
WOOD: choose from (real) cherry, maple or walnut, This listing is for the WALNUT wheels only. Please note: the wood is unfinished so that you can finish it in exactly the way that you want.
DRIVE: choose either double-drive or single-drive (Scotch tension). Double drive includes a tension knob in case you want to convert your wheel to single drive.
FLYER: choose to have your flyer on the left or on the right. Gord suggests that the flyer position should be based on which of your hands is closest to the orifice as you spin. If your left hand is the forward hand, choose the flyer on the left. If your forward hand is on the right, choose the flyer on the right.

This wheel includes:
– Tensioned Lazy Kate
– Four Regular bobbins in the same wood as the wheel. We are finding out if more bobbins can be ordered, and the price.
– Ratios are 8:1, 12:1, 15:1, 18:1

There is NO JUMBO PLYING OPTION for the Lendrum Saxony. Either ply back onto the Regular-sized bobbins that come with the wheel, or use another spinning wheel with a jumbo setup for your plying..


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