Lace Time Natural – 1-Lb Value Pack


100% Superwash Merino wool. Lace weight, 2-ply.
Approximately 115g (4.06 oz), 885m (968yd).
Gauge: because of the open work in lace knitting, gauge is seldom given for lace weight yarns. Follow your pattern recommendations for best results.
Laundering: Machine wash cool, tumble dry on low, hang or dry flat.

The same base yarn we use for our Lace Time™ line. The spin is smooth and soft. While at first it might seem strange to choose Superwash Merino for a fine lace shawl, it’s a good choice if you are knitting for others and don’t know about their laundering decisions. Because of the superwash wool this is not suitable for felting.

This yarn takes dye beautifully, whether you are using acid dyes, food colouring, Kool-aid or even natural dyes. Just bear in mind that Superwash yarn strikes with acid dyes so quickly that it can be very tricky to get a decent solid tone. Use that to your advantage like we do, to get interesting semi-solids or go crazy with hand painting. We highly recommend this yarn to first-time dyers!

Dyed colourways of Lace Time™ are listed under Yarns > Dyeguy


Price for 4 skeins, approximately 115g each. A 15% savings on our regular price.

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