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Indigo, Natural Ground


PLEASE NOTE: Indigo dyeing is an art and science that you need to research ahead of time. It is NOT handled like any of the other natural dyes, by simmering on the stove!!

Finely ground powder from Indigofera tinctoria.

Use on protein or cellulose fibres. A vat dye, Indigo must be handled in a special way in order for the complex chemical process to occur. It produces a gorgeous range of true blue shades, depending on how many dips are done and how much indigo is used in the vat. The indigo magic will not work with the standard methods used for other natural dyes.

TO USE: follow one of the many recipes for setting up an Indigo vat. The internet is a good search source. We stock some of the supplies needed, depending on the method. Thiourea dioxide and Soda Ash are the two most commonly used ingredients, which we stock. Lye is also used sometimes, and due to its caustic nature we will not stock it: any good hardware store sells lye in with the cleaning products. We highly recommend looking at the pdf tutorials on Indigo at

Light and washfastness: excellent.

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