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Indigo Madder & Marigold


Indigo, Madder and Marigold: A Portfolio of Colors from Natural Dyes

Before she went on to found Louet North America, Trudy Van Stralen was a very rare thing: a production natural dyer. We are lucky indeed that she took the time to create this book. In our opinion it is a most excellent resource, especially for the many dried types of nature dyes such as Brazilwood, cutch, osage orange, cochineal and madder. She also delves a bit into local plants, most particularly black walnuts.

If that weren’t enough, the colour plates liberally provided are absolutely THE best around. They explain Trudy’s recipes for dyes and percentages in a most inspiring and visual way. No nature dyer should be without this resource.

Author: Trudy Van Stralen. Published by Interweave Press. Hardcover, 125 pages.

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