Handcards, Ashford – Cotton 190 PPSI


Canadian orders only. NEW Autumn 2020. Price per set of two cards. Very fine handcards, explicitly designed for cotton and super-fine luxury fibres such as cashmere or angora. Ashford’s new hand carders are lightweight and easy to use.

Larger than the other Ashford hand cards with a carding cloth surface 265 x 90mm (10½ x 3½”). Made of solid unfinished Silver Beech hardwood with a comfortable turned handle to fit the hand. The carding cloth is durable stainless steel wire teeth set at 190 points per square inch (ppsi), held by a red rubber backing. The paddles have a nice curve to them, which makes for more comfortable and efficient carding. Minor assembly required, basically laying a strip of white glue and screwing on the two handles. Easily finished with a coat of urethane or varnish, if desired.

Handcards are used for preparing fibre for spinning or felting. If you are mainly working with sheep wool fibre, these carders may not be your best choice.


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