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May 30/22 – currently in stock.

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After production and Covid-related delays, Ashford’s new e-Drum Carder is now available!

Fibre preparation made easy. This carder has two exceptionally powerful motors to enable fleece and roving/top to be carded easily and quickly. It features a 12-inch (30cm) wide carding width and Fine 72 PPSI (points per square inch) teeth, which can handle a wide range of fibres. Makes batts up to around 135 grams (4.75 oz). Includes a dandy feed-in/dizzing stick that may be used to pull roving right off the drum.

Features include:

– Infinitely variable speed control for both drums plus a ratio control to vary the in-feed speed.
– Acrylic safety covers over the drums and the drive belts, and a magnetic safety switch, for safe use.
– Stepped tooth non-slip drive belts with belt tensioners.
– Additional on/off foot switch allows hands-free fibre preparation and feeding-in.
– When in reverse, for fibre removal, the drums rotate at 10% carding speed.
– Carding drums can be removed to clean bearings.
– 72 PPSI on the main drum, but 36 PPSI on the feed-in drum, which helps prevent it being clogged up by fibre.
– Manufactured in beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a lacquered finish.
– comes with packer brush, doffer, cleaning brush, feed-in/dizzing stick, on/off foot switch and 12-volt adapter cord.


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