Cultivated Silk Cocoons, Degummed


Silk cocoons come as natural (usually with a dead worm inside), which are sort of firm and egg-shaped, or degummed, which have had the seracin (i.e. silk worm spit/glue) removed. Most common are Bombyx (Cultivated, Mulberry) cocoons, but sometimes other kinds of silk are available as well, though we have yet to locate a source.

Cocoons are adored by makers of Novelty/Art yarn, by felters, and sometimes by spinners.

Degummed Bombyx or Mulberry/Cultivated silk cocoons. These can be used for spinning directly, as a textural component in needle or Nuno felting, in paper making or added for texture to novelty yarns. They dye up just like regular silk top or roving, using either acid or fibre reactive dyes.


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