BFL – Superwash White (Top)


BFL = Blue-faced Leicester. Classification: LONGWOOL

It’s difficult to find any Superwash top other than Merino, but here you have BFL! Perfect for knitting items that require easy laundering. Wool is conditioned through an enzyme process that strips off the outer scales, which prevents felting. This also makes for a different effect during the dyeing process, because Superwash fibre sucks up the dye quickly. This fibre is creamy-white in colour with plenty of lustre.

BFL rates high for softness. Depending on spinning method, this breed can create a soft and smooth fabric with excellent drape. Micron count is generally in the mid-20s with a staple length from 3 to 6 inches.

NOTE: Superwash fibre is NOT GOOD FOR FELTING.


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