Ashford Wool Dye Collection – 12-pack 10g


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This sampler kit contains 10g containers of twelve colours: Yellow, Scarlet, Emerald, Rust, Teal, Green, Hot Pink, Blue, Brown, Purple, Navy Blue, and Black. Basic instructions included. The dyes are safe and easy-to-use but please refer to the Dye Safety/Handling Information on the Ashford Consumer Information page.

– the 12 colours can be mixed into an endless array of other tones.
– each 10g container is enough to dye 1kg (2.2 Lbs) of yarn or fibre to a medium-strong shade.

PLEASE NOTE: we find the Ashford Scarlet dye to lean VERY orange. Some dyers tone it down with a tiny bit of blue to achieve more traditional true red tones.

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