Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer – Natural/unfinished – In stock


June 16/22 – currently in stock.

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Ashford launched the Kiwi Super Flyer in 2015, and reviews have been great. If you’re wanting to delve into the world of art yarn, but also want the flexibility to spin a range of more regular yarns, this setup is excellent value and very versatile. The new Kiwi Super Flyer will fit all Kiwi 2 and Kiwi spinning wheels.

Comes as a kit and is super-easy to install: you only need to undo one bolt when you want to swap.

The Super Flyer has a very generous-sized orifice, 27mm (1-1/8 inch) to allow for lots of add-ins or thick amounts of fibre. It comes with Ashford’s new Free-flow Yarn Guides which let you spin with no hang ups or catches, even when spinning wild yarns!

The kit includes:
– Three super-size bobbins, with a capacity of around 500g (1.1 Lb)resulting in less time changing bobbins and more yarn on the bobbin.
– a Lazy Kate. The bobbins are two large to fit on most standard ones.
– a new drive band/belt.

The photo above is the lacquered version, this listing is for the natural/unfinished which is identical except for the finish.


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