The Fibre Garden
Lendrum Fast Flyer
A fast flyer for spinning shorter fibres, or for lace spinning. Not as fast as the Very Fast Head, but still plenty fast. The Regular Bobbins fit this, as well as the High-Speed Bobbins. 3-speed whorl. Ratios: 12:1, 15:1, 17:1. PRODUCT of CANADA
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The Fibre Garden
Lendrum Tensioned Lazy Kate
CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY. A tensioned Lazy Kate, this holds three regular Lendrum bobbins for your plying needs. PRODUCT of CANADA
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The Fibre Garden
Lendrum Very Fast Flyer Head
Free ground shipping in Canada by Expedited Parcel Post. Canadian orders only. A super-fast flyer head for spinning short fibres in particular, things like cotton, yak, camel and other things where high speed is essential. Includes the spinning head, flyer, threading hook and high-speed bobbin. The high-speed bobbins fit both this flyer and the regular Fast Flyer. Ratios possible are 26:1, 30:1, 36:1, 44:1 PRODUCT of CANADA
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