Cotton Poonies – Natural White – 100g
Cotton Poonies – Natural White – 100g
Price per 100g (3.53 oz) pack. Poonies are tight little rolls made by hand from carded cotton, and they are traditionally what is used for handspinning cotton on a Tahkli spindle or Indian Charkha. PRODUCT of INDIA
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Tahkli Spindle, Nickle/Brass
Tahkli Spindle, Nickle/Brass
A style of support spindle from India, a Tahkli is mainly used for spinning cotton at very fast speeds. These well-balanced gadgets spin like the dickens and can be supported in a bowl, on a table top or any other smooth, flat surface.

Stainless steel shaft and brass whorl are relatively rust resistant. Other features and specs:
- small and lightweight: 18cm length (7 inches), 2cm-wide brass whorl (.79") and weight of around 18g (.63 oz)
- shaft features a flat, hammered end with a hook, which helps to catch the fibres during spinning. The whorl end comes to a sharp point for minimal friction and fast spin. Don't poke your eye out!
- ideal for spinning cotton, but also useful for other fine fibres


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