Dyeguy™ John got into all of this “fibre stuff” through nature dyeing. His background in horticulture and interest in fibres combined together back in the summer of 2008 at a local Guild weekend dye workshop. It’s been no turning back from that day!

Some of the nature dyeing is done with various tropical plants, like we sell in our natural dye listings. But John tends to work more with actual plants. Some are from our (messy) garden, such as black walnut leaves, but a lot of them come from roadsides where it helps have a plant background to know what you are gathering. Each summer on a family visit to Alberta, John takes a few days at the old family farm to play around with some of the local plants there, such as Poplar, Caragana, Wild Raspberry and Dyer’s Broom.

Since most of our nature-dyed yarns are one-of-a-kind, we are simply listing them here for interest and to give you an idea what sorts of colours each plant can give. That depends also on what each yarn has been mordanted with, as well as the fibre content.

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