Bottom whorl spindles were the type widely used in western European countries. Many of the older reference books on spindling mainly talk about this type. Sometimes they have a hook at the top of the shaft, and sometimes not — in which case a half-hitch knot does the trick.

Neither top nor bottom-whorl spindles are the “right” spindle; they BOTH are! It really is a personal choice, and many of us learn on one or the other and tend to stick with it because we know what to do. The bottom line is that they both make beautiful yarns in the hands of an experienced spinner, and they both are easy to learn.

Turkish Spindles @ The Fibre Garden
Ashford Turkish Spindle
CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY. From Ashford, this is made from sold silver beech hardwood, unfinished but easily stained, painted or varnished if you desire. Removable crossbars are 15.5cm (6 inches) across. Shaft length including hook, 37.5cm (14.75 inches). Weighs approximately 50g (1.76 oz). A fairly large Turkish spindle, but great for medium to thick yarns and as a beginner spindle. PRODUCT of NEW ZEALAND
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Majacraft Turkish Spindle Set
Majacraft Turkish Spindle Set
Canadian shipping only. Recently redesigned, Majacraft's new Turkish spindle set features four different sets of cross arms so you can select the best weight for the type of yarn you wish to spin. Made from Bamboo plywood with a single shaft measuring 30.5 cm (12 inches) with a small knob at the top end rather than a hook. The four sets of cross arms give an approximate total weight of 10, 15, 20 or 30g (.3, .5, .7 or 1 oz) We love the flexibility this set offers the spinner, letting you make any thickness of yarn you desire. Comes with a cute little fabric bag with a drawstring. Everybody will think you have a plastic recorder in your handbag -- remember those? Instead of playing "Hot Cross Buns" you can impress them with your spinning instead. PRODUCT of NEW ZEALAND
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