Ashford provides all sorts of accessories for their Rigid Heddle Looms. Check as well in our other weaving categories. We try to cross-list many items but we may have missed something you are looking for!

Fringe Twister, Ashford – 4-clip
Fringe Twister, Ashford – 4-clip
Canadian Shipping only. Create the perfect twisted fringe or decorative cord with the Ashford Fringe Twister. Twist a fringe on scarves, handwoven garments or needlework projects. Twist yarn for embellishing, edging and jewellery. Twist fibre for felting fun. Made from lacquered Silver Beech hardwood, this comes with a clamp and you can use some or all of the four clips to twist your fringe quickly and easily. PRODUCT of NEW ZEALAND
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Ashford Rigid Heddle Accessories
Second Heddle Kit, Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms
A dandy kit that greatly increases the weaving possibilities on your Rigid Heddle Loom! Works with all sizes of looms.

For Multi heddle weaving. This kit includes two support blocks for reed and hardware, easy to attach since your Rigid Heddle Loom has predrilled holes.

Use this kit to double your ends per inch. You will need another reed identical to the one you have. For example, two 12.5 DPI reeds will give you 25 ends per inch! When you feel comfortable weaving with two heddles, you can enjoy experimenting with patterns. Instructions for weaving with the two heddles and patterns are included.


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Table Stand, Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms
Table Stand, Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms
Canadian orders only. We have this item shipped directly from the Ashford Canada warehouse, generally within one or two business days. We do not usually stock this at our store. A great way to make your Ashford Rigid Heddle loom even more versatile! With this stand your loom is in an upright position, which is very comfortable when weaving tapestries or using other hand-manipulated techniques. The angle of the stand can be adjusted to suit. The kit includes adjustable stand with rubber feet and extra side posts to hold the reed in place. The table stand can only be used witht the original sideposts and not the new double heddle posts. That just means to watch what holes you use to attach it. Natural/unfinished solid Silver Beech hardwood. NOTE: this stand will work with the 16"/40cm, 24"/60cm and 32"/80cm Rigid Heddle Looms, but not the 48"/120cm. PRODUCT of NEW ZEALAND
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Warp Stick Ties, Ashford Rigid Heddle &  Knitters Loom – Pre-order only
Warp Stick Ties, Ashford Rigid Heddle & Knitters Loom – Pre-order only
Canadian orders only. Two sets of 6 warp stick ties, a total of 12 ties. For any size of Ashford Rigid Heddle or Knitters Loom. Connect the front and back warp sticks to the rollers with the warp stick ties. PRODUCT of NEW ZEALAND
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