Hackles are amazing tools for fibre and colour blending. They are rather dangerous contraptions, though the one we stock has a wooden guard that should be in place when it’s not in use. A diz is used to draw the fibre off of the hackles into top that is all ready for spinning.

Diz – Brass 3-hole
Diz – Brass 3-hole
A gorgeous shiny brass diz, this features three different-sized holes and exactly the right concave shape to make pulling the fibre an easy task. Comes with a tiny little wood-handled hook to fish the fibre through the holes. By Majacraft. A diz is used to pull prepared fibre into true top, which maintains a parallel fibre preparation wen pulled from combed fibre. Use it to pull the fibres directly off the combs or off a hackle. Some people also diz off fibre from the drum carder, though this is technically a roving. The combination of diz and hackles allows you to make amazing colour-blended top. PRODUCT of NEW ZEALAND
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Hackle, Majacraft – 2 row 320mm
FREE GROUND SHIPPING within Canada. Canadian orders only. Double pitch hackle from Majacraft, 320 mm (12.6") comb width. The combs have stainless steel pins with polished points that are blunt enough to be much more pleasant to use and sharp enough to do the job well. Fibres are lashed on to the teeth and then pulled through a diz to prepare them into top for spinning. They can be used in much the same way as wool combs, for either preparing a single type of fibre, blending colours or blending a mixture of fibres. Instead of drilling the hackle base, Majacraft has developed a new technique of bonding the pins in with a very tough resin. The pins are positioned perfectly straight and perfectly even on every hackle. This is the double row version, and we can order in the single row as well, just inquire for current pricing and availability. It includes a wooden pin cover to protect you and the hackle when it is not in use. Also included are special Majacraft clamps. The clamp block is drilled at an angle and has a solid rubber top to ensure that the hackle is held firmly on your table and the rubber will prevent damage to the table. The clamps allow you to secure the hackle to a sturdy surface and carry out colour blending in conjunction with a diz. The hackle is also stepped at the end to provide an area to use an 'F' clamp if you prefer this to the included clamps. The hackle dimensions are: length, 470mm (18.5 inches) width, 45mm (1.8 inches) height, 35mm (1.4 inches) comb width, 320mm (12.6 inches) The double row hackle is great for finer fibres. The pins are at different heights so initial combing can be done on the higher pins before carrying out fine combing with both rows of pins. As is often the case, the time spent in preparation is taken from the time spent in spinning later.
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