We first tried Unicorn Power Scour on the advice of our good friend Sherri (Stashaholic), designer of our Jordan Scarf pattern. Sherri tends to buy really fine fleeces such as Merino or Polwarth and finds it does a better job than anything else around at removing grease and dirt. We’ve tried it too and she is right! We’re also now carrying the Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse, both products aimed at cleaning knitted or woven garments and other finished projects.

Unicorn Fibre Rinse
Unicorn Fibre Rinse – 16oz
Larger 16oz bottle.
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Unicorn Fibre Rinse – 4oz
Smaller 4oz (118ml) bottle.
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Unicorn Fibre Wash
Unicorn Fibre Wash – 16oz
Larger 16oz bottle with handy pump.
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Unicorn Fibre Wash – 4oz
Smaller 4oz (118ml) bottle.
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Unicorn Power Scour
Unicorn Power Scour – 16oz
Price per 16 fluid oz (473 ml) container, now comes with flip-top dispenser. A unique formula designed to deeply clean oily/greasy/waxy fibres (like wool and mohair) as well as less waxy fibres, (alpaca, cashmere and the finest angore) while protecting the vital fibre cuticle. Power Scour maintains the strength and natural beauty of the fibre to carry through to garments, rugs, or into the hands of talented crafters. After scouring with Power Scour, Uniforn Fibre Rinse may be used in the last rinse as a refreshing anti-static texturizing bath. A few benefits: - reduces mats and tangles, increasing fibre yield. - eliminates build-up of cleaning agents. - non yellowing. - cleans at lower energy-saving temperatures than many other scouring products. - gives fibre a clean, fresh aroma. - Earth-friendly and biodegradable.
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Unicorn Power Scour – 4oz
Smaller 4oz (118ml) bottle.
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