Spinners either love or hate fibre prep. We figure everyone should work from raw fleece to finished article at least once. It helps to make you feel a part of the earth. Even if just once!

Alan is often heard telling customers that although he loves to bake, he doesn’t feel he has to grind the wheat himself. It’s the same with spinning. Dirty raw fleece isn’t for everyone, but there are those that would not have it any other way. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

Anyhow, we have a few excellent resource books not only for fibre prep here, but also books about sheep breeds, their best use, where they come from and so forth. Enjoy!

Ashford Book of Carding – NEW edition Dec 2016
Ashford Book of Carding – NEW edition Dec 2016
The Ashford Book of Carding: A Handspinners Guide to Fibre Preparation

Revised edition, December 2016. This popular, practical and inspirational guide to carding, fleece, slivers, and exotic fibres has been revised and expanded to include sections on the blending board and creating self-striping yarn. Written for the hand spinner and felter and everyone who loves fibre, there are sections on using the flick, hand and drum carders and the blending board. There are detailed explanations of colour and fibre blending and colour theory. Step-by-step instructions and full colour photographs will open a world of colour and texture. A must-have for new drum carder owners.

Author: Jo Reeve. Published by Ashford. Softcover, 108 pages. Packed with colour photos.

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Homegrown Linen: Transforming Flaxseed into Fibre
Homegrown Linen: Transforming Flaxseed into Fibre
NEW March 2019

Homegrown Linen: Transforming Flaxseed into Fibre

A wonderful new reference on flax and linen, by a Canadian author!

An illustrated guide to growing linen yarn sustainably at home. Reclaim the traditional skill of growing flax, extracting the fibres, and preparing them for spinning.

Homegrown linen is both a conceptual and hands-on book about gardening, homesteading, and creating yarn. Appropriate for all levels of experience from the yarn-curious to the master spinner.

- how to grow flax for fibre
- how to adapt growing techniques to your conditions using permaculture techniques
- how to create a personalized fibre flax variety
- how to process fibre from straw
- the tools for creating linen
- tips and tricks for working with linen
- other uses for flax

Author: Raven Ranson. Illustrations by Tracy Wandling. Published by Crowing Hen Farm. Softcover, 107 pages. Loads of black-and-white illustrations as well as a section of colour photos.

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