TWO fibre sales for MAY

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This month we have TWO sale features! Our Ashford MERINO/SILK Top/roving Blends are 25% off the regular price. Also, we just received a shipment of our two Superwash SOCK BLENDS, also at 25% off. These blends are ideal for spinners that want to create their own socks from handspun yarns. Choose from 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon, or 80% Superwash BFL/20% Nylon. These can be easily dyed as roving, or dyed later as finished yarn. Please note: the Superwash Sock Blends are NOT GOOD FOR WET FELTING. The Sock Blends are listed in the cart under Fibres>Natural Roving & Top>Blends.

Ashford Merino/Silk blends are one of our most popular fibre products, useful for WET FELTING as well as SPINNING. We carry 15 beautiful streaky dyed colourways, as well as white. In all cases the streaks of white Mulberrry silk seem to almost glisten, set in multicolour ribbons of soft 22-micron Merino. These felt beautifully, and we often use them here at the store in our workshops. Though silk itself does not felt, when blended with wool it goes along for the ride and behaves perfectly.

Our two SOCK BLENDS incorporate nylon with Superwash wool. The nylon is in there to provide durability to your finished socks, and is hardly noticeable to the hand. Superwash wool is ideal for creating socks that can be machine washed without shrinking. We suggest a wash on the Gentle cycle, and hanging to dry.

CLICK HERE to see all of the Merino/Silk colour options.