Fibre Galore!

We try to carry as wide a selection as we can get our hands on, in both natural-coloured and dyed fibres. You'll find it in roving or top, some as batts, locks or even fleece. Our customers use our fibre for spinning, felting, doll making, thrum mittens and in some preparations even for direct knitting.

One of our goals is to carry as many natural sheep breeds as we can find, but you'll also find animal fibres from alpaca, llama, camel, angora and cashmere goats, angora rabbit, bison, musk-ox and even yak! We have silk as well, and various plant and man-made fibres such as cotton, soy, ramie, bamboo, flax, nylon and rayon.

We've tried to group our fibres together here in a sensible way to help you find what you are searching for. If you're after something we don't list please drop us a line and we can start looking for a source.

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