Ashford Kiwi 2 Spinning Wheel - Natural Finish


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Ashford launched this new and improved version of their popular Kiwi wheel back in 2012. It's still one of the best entry-level wheels at an affordable price. Great value! Also, take a look at the new Kiwi 2 Super Flyer, a recent introduction that is ideal for spinning bulky art yarns. It's listed under our Ashford Accessories>Single Drive Flyers area.
- easy-learning ratios
- perfect starter wheel
- double treadle

This is an excellent beginner wheel due to its easy-learning ratios, double treadle and affordable price. The double treadle and ball bearings allow for easy treadling and "hands-free" start. Treadles are hinged to allow a comfortable heel-toe action. The stretchy drive cord does not require any adjustment as you change from one ratio to another and always maintains the correct tension. The Scotch tension allows easy control of the drafting process. The central flyer is convenient for right and left-handed spinners. The wheel is easy and quick to assemble with the Allen key supplied and the robust construction makes this an ideal wheel for individuals, schools and clubs. The wheel itself is made of MDF, a high-density durable wood product that can be painted or decorated. High-speed and Jumbo Flyer kits are available.

Improvements to the new Kiwi 2 include: sliding-hook flyer with the new 90mm larger bobbins; new 6-spoke wheel; treadles are spaced further apart for more comfortable treadling; new polyurethane hinges; new built-in Lazy Kate.

INCLUDED: Lazy Kate, three 90mm standard bobbins, Threading hook, Learn to Spin booklet.

This listing is for the natural/unfinished version. We highly recommend the lacquered version instead, as many spinners are so excited to get going that they never get around to putting on a finish coat themselves. Unfinished wheels can get grubby looking fairly quickly, particularly the treadles.

Bobbin capacity: 130g (4 to 5 oz). RATIOS: 5.5, 7.25. WEIGHT: 5.5kg (12 Lbs)


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