Ashford Mercerized Cotton Yarn

A bright and fun range of 18 colours, in lustrous Mercerized cotton. This type of yarn is also sometimes called "pearl" or "pearle" cotton. The Mercerizing process increases yarn strength and provides the classic polished finish. Also often spelled as "Mercerised".

Mercerized cotton yarns may be used alone or in combination with other types of yarns in woven fabric. Bear in mind that when combined with unmercerized cotton, the shrinkage rate may be different during finishing. This type of yarn CAN be used for tea towels, it's a weaving myth that it cannot. Absorbency will be different than unmercerized, but the resulting towels will still be delightful to use in your kitchen or as gifts.

Choose from two different weights, 10/2 or 5/2.
- 10/2 696m (1854 yards) 200g spools/cones (7.05 oz).
- 5/2 848m (927yards) 200g spools/cones (7.05 oz).


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