Worsted-One™ Natural

100% Superwash Merino. Worsted weight, 1-ply.
Approximately 115g (4.06 oz), 205m (225yd).
Gauge: 3.75-5mm needles. 4.5 to 5 stitches = 1 inch, or as pattern requires.
Laundering: Machine or handwash cool, tumble dry low or dry flat.

A good choice for easy-launder mittens, scarves, sweaters and especially garments for children. This is an extremely soft, gently-spun single-ply yarn that almost resembles a Lopi-style yarn but without the scratchiness. It's slightly thick-and-thin. Because of the gentle spinning we've found the skeins sometimes have a knot or two where they have been repaired during spinning at the mill.

This yarn takes dye beautifully, whether you are using acid dyes, food colouring, Kool-aid or even natural dyes. Just bear in mind that Superwash yarn strikes with acid dyes so quickly that it can be very tricky to get a decent solid tone. Use that to your advantage like we do, to get interesting semi-solids or go crazy with hand painting. We highly recommend this yarn to first-time dyers!. If you reskein your yarns, do so slowly with this yarn or snagging on the swift will cause breaks.


Product Image Item Name- Price
Worsted-One Merino Natural - 1-Lb Value Pack

Worsted-One Merino Natural - 1-Lb Value Pack

Price for 4 skeins, approximately 115g each. A 15% savings on our regular price.


Worsted-One Merino Natural - skein

Worsted-One Merino Natural - skein

Price per skein. Approximately 115g.


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