Wheels & Accessories - Majacraft

We are proud to be dealers for Majacraft Wheels of New Zealand. Alan's first wheel purchase was a Majacraft Rose, which he loves. When John spins it's usually on the Suzie Pro.

We carry demo models here in the shop and encourage those shopping for a wheel to come on down and try these out. Usually there are three or more different models on the floor.

The Majacraft website is a good place to snoop around for full details on all of their products. You'll find important wheel specifications (such as speed ratios), pdf files for assembly and other things, short video clips on carding and much more. We are happy to custom order any and all Majacraft products. Just contact us for current pricing and expected ship time. For larger equipment such as wheels and skeiners, drop shipping is available directly to your door for a reasonable charge.

Almost all wheels from the Dealers we carry require some assembly, in order to reduce shipping costs. Clear instructions are provided and in most cases it should take no more than an hour or two, using either tools provided and/or common household screwdrivers and such. It's WAY easier than Ikea!

Because of our Dealer agreement we can accept Canadian orders only for Majacraft products.

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