Drop Spindles

Drop spindles are often the starting point for the beginning spinner, offering the ability to create almost any kind of yarn with only a minor investment in this ancient and fantastic tool. But drop spindles are also the first choice for many spinners, especially those that love to spin lace-weight yarns.

It's high time wheel spinners recognized that the drop spindle is not a second-class tool. Nothing could be more portable, simple and fun to take anywhere. John spins on the airplane when he travels. Alan prefers his wheel and that's fine too!

We carry a range of spindles of different types, from inexpensive starter spindles to fancy hand-turned ones made of exotic woods. The one thing we have learned since opening the shop is that drop spindling is all the rage among the under-30 crowd, though that doesn't mean the rest of us can't enjoy too. We encourage our customers at the shop to try the spindles so they find just the right fit for their personal spinning style.

Monthly Specials For October

Ashford Turkish Spindle
Ashford Turkish Spindle
45.00  33.75
Save: 25% off

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