Ashford Tapestry Looms & Frames

Tapestry weaving is a very special category, a type of weaving that is simple to learn yet can provide a lifetime of pleasure. Tapestry weavers are a passionate bunch!

Ashford makes a number of products geared to Tapestry weaving, whether you want to try it out for the first time or settle in to a long-term hobby. This method of weaving generally is used to create wall hangings, pictures and similar non-wearable things... tapestries! Weavers often utilize small amounts of scrap yarns and in no time you will be asking your knitting and weaving friends for their basket of bits and bobs. Tapestry weavers sometimes include wool rovings, fabric strips, wool locks, feathers and even twigs or sticks. This is a great chance to be creative.

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