Looms & Accessories

Interest in weaving has just exploded in recent years. With our larger store location we are able to stock a few looms for you to see in person. And we can order pretty much any looms or accessories for weaving from Ashford, Louet and Majacraft. As well, we carry a range of weaving yarns on cones in various fibres. These are listed in our YARNS category.

Beginning weavers are wise to start small. Consider one of the Rigid Heddle Looms, which come in a range of widths and are simple to setup and use yet also very versatile for their size. Table looms are a bit more complicated to setup and master, but many weavers love them and they take up a lot less room than a big floor loom.

NOTE: Almost all looms require at least SOME assembly, as they are shipped in a flat box. Basically the larger the loom the more time required to assemble.

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