Kollage Circular Needles

Kollage Square Knitting Needles - easier on your hands and more uniform stitches! Unique square-shaped needle with superior joins and precise points, but not TOO pointy either. A relief to tired wrists and helps create a more uniform gauge. PLEASE NOTE: some knitters find that with square needles they need to go UP a half needle size. ALWAYS DO A GAUGE SWATCH before starting in on a project.

Kollage Circular Needles are available with either a soft or firm cable, and in a variety of cable lengths.
- The firm cable features a swivel join, so no more getting your cables twisted while working on a project. It is similar to most other circular cables out in the market, except a little softer so it's ready to knit with right out of the package.
- The unique soft cable is buttery soft; you might even call it floppy! A favourite for knitting with the magic loop technique.

Cable lengths come in 9", 16", 24", 32" and 40". NOTE: those lengths INCLUDE the length of the cable and needle together. We are currently stocking the 24" and 32" range of needles in the FIRM CABLES only. For the soft cables or other cable lengths we are happy to order them in for you, please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

Needle sizes range from 2mm (US 0) through 8mm (US 11). We don't have room to stock them all but can custom order all sizes on the cart.

From the raw materials to the packaging these are of superior quality! Each needle is laser-etched with size and length. Made out of high-grade aluminum in a titanium color, manufactured by Louet North America right here in Canada.

Backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and breakage from normal use.


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