Angelina Fibre

Finally we have a source for this elusive, sparkling fibre!

Angelina appears at first glance to be similar to Christmas tinsel, but thinner and cut very finely so that it easily blends with any kind of fibre to provide some glitz to your project. It's used by spinners and felters, paper-makers and other crafters. As little as 2% carded into a batt will provide lovely metallic sparkle to yarns or felted objects.

Made from metallic-coated polyester, but don't let that scare you away. You may have already seen Angelina blended into commercial yarns or manufactured clothing that has a punch of metallic sparkle. It's made in various colours and we're now stocking several. All are cut to a 4-inch staple length for easy blending/carding with a wide range of other fibres.

Many of our colours are SELF BONDING or self-fusing, which means they can be melted into solid or lacy sheets by laying between paper and using a hot iron set on the silk setting for about three seconds until the magic happens. After fusing takes place the resulting sheet can be cut into shapes and used as an embellishment for quilting, in jewellery making, scrapbooking and all sorts of other crafts. Whether the fibre is self-bonding or not won't make a difference to spinners, but for one thing: avoid ironing the finished item, as this will cause the Angelina to fuse and perhaps lose some of the effect you were after in the yarn.


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