Sparkle-On™ & Firestar™

100% trilobal Nylon

Firestar™ and Sparkle-On™ are two brand names for identical fibre. We get our Firestar™ from Ashland Bay, while the Sparkle-On™ is dyed right here in the shop and we now stock over twenty colours. It comes as clean combed top, with a unique glittery sparkle. Staple length is about 3 to 4 inches, the fibre very fine. Absolutely wonderful for adding some glitter to any spin, and also a favourite of felters. The fibre is called trilobal nylon and because of the unique triangular shape in cross-section (rather than round) the flat surfaces reflect light and appear to shimmer and sparkle.

For blending this is usually carded in at around 5 to 20% by weight, and just a little bit does the trick. It's possible to use this to add the durability and strength of regular nylon for sock blends, bumping the nylon up to 20 or 25%. And of course, in novelty yarns the sky is the limit!

Also available in white, see Fibre> Natural Roving & Top> Exotic> Nylon - Sparkling Icicle

Made in ITALY, dyed in CANADA (Firestar™ dyed in the USA)

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