September 2016 -- for awhile now we have actually been carrying two types of bamboo. BAST bamboo is the "greener" type and it's getting very hard to find. This is made from the stem fibres in a way similar to flax or hemp, in other words the fibres are still intact after the plant material that holds the fibres together is removed. So far as feel and texture, bast bamboo is not as soft as the viscose/rayon type, but is also not as coarse as flax or hemp. We still have several dyed colours in stock of the BAST type, and these are now indicated clearly in each category description.

Viscose/rayon type bamboo is MUCH softer and silkier to the touch, and most fabrics and yarns that are made from bamboo are made from this type. The process to make it involves dissolving the plant material first before the manufacturer then extrudes it into a thin fibre. Viscose/rayon bamboo has amazing softness, exceptional lustre and drape. Some people feel the manufacturing process is less "green" and for that reason tend to avoid using it. As above, we are now clearly indicating which type of bamboo in the category description for each colourway.

We have both types of natural white bamboo listed elsewhere in our cart under Fibres>Natural Roving & Top>Exotic fibres area, as well as the interesting Carbonized Bamboo.

PRODUCT of ITALY (Bast types) or CHINA (Viscose/rayon types)

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