Pulled Silk Fibre

Pulled Silk has really become popular since it first appeared just a few years ago. At first we thought it was carded Sari Silk Fibre, but that seems to not be the case. We think it's actually Mulberry Silk Noils that have been carded and then dyed. The fibre staple length is fairly short, in the 1 to 1.5-inch range.

This has great potential for carding/blending to create tweedy yarns. If you blend with wool, probably about 10 to 20% Pulled Sari Silk will give fantastic colour effect. You can also spin this by itself to create a somewhat rustic yarn but much smoother than when the shredded thread type is spun. Alan recently used some of this for core-spinning on top of a Tencel weaving yarn core and the results were pretty stunning.

Felters will find uses for this as well, blending with feltable fibre before wet felting or using as a surface embellishment for wet, needle and Nuno felted projects. We know paper makers will also find these interesting.


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