Yak - Dark Brown (Top)

100% Yak.

Fine combed top, very clean. Staple length is just over 1 inch, in a deep chocolate-brown tone. Micron count is about 19.

Yak is a tricky fibre to spin by itself, because it's so short. It makes up for this by being super soft and warm. Consider blending with a fine wool, such as Merino. We can't seem to find information about the felting properties.


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Yak, Dark Brown - 1/2-Lb Value Pack

Yak, Dark Brown - 1/2-Lb Value Pack

Price per 227g (8 oz) bag. 10% off of our regular price.

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Yak, Dark Brown - 50g

Yak, Dark Brown - 50g

Price per 50g (1.76 oz) bag.


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