Blending opens the door to endless possibilities for creating unique yarns and fabrics. Many spinners choose to create their own blends by carding, but for a lot of us the commercial blends are convenient and easy to work with in their tidy preparation of roving or top. If you start with a natural-coloured blend, enjoy the yarn as it comes out, or dye it after spinning.

Roving and top can also be dyed. Especially interesting effects can appear when protein (animal) and cellulose (plant) fibres are combined and dyed using acid dyes. These won't strike on the cellulose fibre, but they will on the protein, so streaked rovings and heathered yarns will result. Some of the most popular blends to achieve this remarkable effect are wool/SeaCell, wool/Tencel® and wool/bamboo.

Blends are also a great way to cut down on the prohibitive cost of the more rare and luxurious fibres, notably Qiviut, bison and cashmere. Blended with a compatible fibre, the unique qualities of these luxury fibres shines through and is extended enough that one can actually afford to create something worthwhile with them. Think of it as feeding eighteen people with one truffle.

Quick Metric Conversion:
1 oz = 28.35g, 2 oz = 56.7g, 4 oz = 113.4g, 8 oz = 226.8g, 1 Lb = 453.59g

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