Mill Ends

Mill ends are anything from bits of pencil roving, thicker roving or top or just blobs of fibre that have not made it through the spinning process due to error or breakdown or whatever. Sometimes they are just leftovers from custom spinning runs. Currently these come from a large Canadian spinning mill, which also happens to be where many of our yarns are made. Most of what we get is 22-micron Superwash Merino, or blends that involve this with other fibres such as bamboo, SeaCell, Tencel, nylon, silk, etc. Occasionally we can also get Superwash Blue-faced Leicester. Mill ends may be white, or often we bring in dyed solids or marls. If we get in a lot of colours sometimes we offer bags of assorted colours.

Check back often, as our mill-ends change up regularly depending on what the mill has been running. Generally we bag these up in 1 Lb (454g) bags. Mill ends are excellent value, and can be spun right from the bag, blended with other fibres on hand cards, drum carders, combs or hackles.

Dyers will have loads of fun working with these. Here in the shop we sometimes just throw a pound of mill ends in the kettle and go at it with the dyes. John finds this a great way to develop new colourways, or just to use up the ends of dye stock solutions instead of pouring them down the drain.

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