These popular blends from Ashford are made up of 80% Merino wool (22-micron) and 20% Mulberry/Cultivated silk. The wool is comprised of a couple or several ribbons of different tones, streaked with natural silvery-white silk that really gives a nice glistening effect when spun or felted.

Although silk itself does not felt, it goes along for the ride and behaves just fine in wet-felted projects. We've used it many times in our felting workshops. Spinners might want to learn to "spin from the fold" which allows a lot of the streaks to translate into the yarn rather than getting all blended together during spinning.

For years we thought the silk in these blends was Tussah silk but indeed it turns out to be the shinier Mulberry/Cultivated Silk which explains the beautiful lustre.

Ashford added some new colourways to the line in late summer of 2019: Avocado, Berries, Citrus, Flamingo and Skyscape.


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