Northern Lights

From bright and flashy to subtle pastels, the many colourways of Northern Lights by Louet offer something for everyone. We carry 17 different ones to suit most any colour theme.

These are fairly narrow slivers of combed wool top that have been space-dyed in repeating bands of colour using a special printing machine. Staple length is around 5 to 6 inches, made from various breeds of wool with a handle similar to Corriedale. Northern Lights can be easily spun, but also works great for any sort of felting, or knitting as a wild and whacky thrum in mittens and other cozy winter wear. An excellent choice for beginning spinners, this fibre is very easy-to-handle and plenty soft for most purposes.

NOTE: we used to wind our Northern Lights into centre-pull balls as shown in the photo, but we no longer do this. The roving is packed into handy zip-lock bags, especially useful for storage when you only need to use a portion of it at a time.


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