Ashford Corriedale

Dyed 30 micron Corriedale wool top, from Ashford of New Zealand.

This lovely multipurpose fibre comes in a very broad range of individal colours that vary little from batch to batch. Classified as a MEDIUM WOOL breed, it's an excellent choice for spinning, felting or using in thrum mittens. Plenty soft for most purposes, though some may find it not soft enough for against-the-skin wear. This is always nice and clean top with little to no vegetation content. Use the colours "as is" or have fun blending them together.

We often recommend this to beginning spinners as it's easy-to-handle with a medium staple length, neither too long nor too short. And, let's face it... colour is more fun for beginners than just sticking to natural white.

White and natural Corriedale shades are listed under Fibres > Natural Roving & Top > Wool

Product of New Zealand

Quick Metric Conversion:
1 oz = 28.35g, 2 oz = 56.7g, 4 oz = 113.4g, 8 oz = 226.8g, 1 Lb = 453.59g

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